Specialist Support Coordinator ~ Support Coordinator ~ Social Work Services

Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordinators work to over come barriers and blockages to finding and engaging in services. Sometimes it is simply a matter of helping to find the most suitable service or maybe arranging a care team meeting to discuss expectations. Other times a longer-term goal might be set and work slowly toward achieving this goal.

I will work with you to find the supports you need, provide you with choice and control over your plan, assist to overcome any barriers preventing service provision, put together a care team to meet your goals and build your capacity to connect with services. Each participant will have a goal achievement plan and I will meet regularly with you to review progress and make alterations to services as needed. I also help with the plan review process.

I work with both plan-managed and self- managed NDIS participants

Support Coordination

Do you need help to understand your NDIS plan, need support workers or advice on how to reach your goals in your plan? I can assist link you to providers and give you choice in who you would like involved in your life. Every participant will have a goal achievement plan to ensure goals are being met. I work with you to and for you to make the most of your funding. A Support Coordination report is completed in preparation for the NDIS review process.

Social Work Services

advocacy / support / guidance

Advocacy and support service as required. Do you need some advice on supports needed, support groups or some guidance on how the NDIS funding can be used? Have you just had a diagnosis and need some further information about it or to be linked to services.